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ONLINE BROADCAST:  This is a great option if travel is not available and or you want do a team watch party.

From Jordan Adler:


This time, it's TWO DAYS and at least 12 SPEAKERS!

2022 Could be the year that changes everything for you.

Do you want to go from starting a side gig or “getting by” working at it full time to the TRUE FREEDOM Network Marketing offers?

When you look at your business, is there any room for growth?  At the end of the day are you “not quite” where you wanted to be?  Or, if you’re on your way, have you reached ALL of your DREAMS?

Believe it or not, I know exactly what all of that feels like.  It took me decades to figure out how to really get to “Beach Money”.  It didn’t happen overnight.


Now, I want to help shorten the journey between starting and succeeding in network marketing.

Tell me if you can relate to any of this:

  • I’m tired of spending thousands of dollars to jump on planes and stay in hotels only to get the same results
  • I’m tired of all the hype at conferences and on podcasts. I want real content that tells me exactly what to do.
  • I really believe in this business; but, I cannot quite get to the top of the mountain
  • I’m tired of putting a ton of energy into people only to see them drop off the team
  • I’m drowning in a world of possibilities in social media but don’t know where to start or put it all together
  • I couldn’t care less about what other people say about my business if I could just turn the corner on it


Kelly Bryant

Identifying the Obstacles that Keep Your From Your Dreams & How to Overcome Them

Danny Licciardi

How to Stop Using People to Build Your Business and Start Using Your Business to Build People

Damian & Jenna Fante

Don't Let Your Business Die on Auto-Pilot:  Growth ONLY Happens When You Invest In Your Business.  Avoid the Silent Killer - Comfort

Danelle Meoli

Built to Last: Building the 3 Pillars to Create a 7 Figure Income in Network Marketing

Celeste DiDona

Dreaming BIgger & Inspring the BIG Dreams of Your Team: Learn How to Stop Being Your Own Limitation

Chris Atkinson

Overcoming YOU!  You CAN do it: How to find the Paths to Success that are Right in Front of You


"This is just a training that anyone needs. My success in life starts with investing into my self first more then anything. This event is on top of my list after spending and going to so many in the last 5 years . Key: don’t ever miss this event."

- Gregory Scala


"If you are serious about helping others and learning the skills for your business DO NOT MISS an event from Momentum Makers."

- Jim & Cindy Carpenter

" I had so many “ah ha moments” all the speakers were absolutely amazing!!!"

- Danielle Beckham

"This workshop was worth every cent! The presenters were personable and had a wealth of information to share. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone wanting to grow their business." 

- Sonia Bernard

"The Momentum Maker's Million Dollar workshop was what I needed to get me going again. The speakers touched on many things that I already knew and a lot I didn't know. What really resonated with me were the diverse experiences of ordinary people who took action, stepped outside their comfort zones and became successful. Inspiring in me the belief that I could also do the same."

- Brenda Edmontson

"Life changing, mind blowing and so much information. I'm going to take as much as I can and incorporate it into my life and share what I have learned with others.."

- Peter Bagwell

Your mindset matters but it can only take you so far!

There’s way, way too many ways to grow a business.  There are so many social media platforms. Every company has their own systems and models.  There’s so much content available and most of it focuses on HYPE!

Whether you’re trying to just get to $500 per month or you’re ready to make $500,000 per year, EVERYONE in this business has a dream and I want to help you get to yours, JUST LIKE I DID.

I’ve assembled over 12 of my friends who HAVE NOT ONLY ALREADY MADE IT: BUT, THEY’RE STILL DOING IT EVERYDAY.

EACH ONE OF MY FRIENDS is still doing network marketing.  They’re actively engaged in all of the same practices you are.  They’ve proven that they know how to navigate the same struggles you have.

And….HERE’S THE BEST PART – We’re not going to just tell you how WE DID IT.  We’re going to tell you how WE’RE DOING IT RIGHT NOW, EVERYDAY.

If you want:

  • Exact steps to grow your business

  • Exact steps to grow your team
  • Exact steps to grow your influence
  • Exact steps to grow your impact
  • Exact steps to grow your audience
  • Exact steps to grow your vision and share it with the world

Get Your Tickets Now & Take the Most Important Step You Can To Reaching Your Goals!

Learn the most effective strategies that are working RIGHT NOW from people who are WHERE YOU WANT TO BE – Running a 6 & 7 Figure business….FROM THE BEACH!



Like you, I’ve been to hundreds of conferences.  Believe it or not, I’ve even walked out on a few of them.  Why?  Most of them are like marshmallows.  They have a ton of calories, full of air and offer little real value.  You feel full; but, it doesn’t last.  It’s time to change the marshmallow culture in network marketing conferences.

When you walk away from this workshop you will have more than a “good feeling about yourself.” You will know exactly how to:

  • Use the right social media strategies to recruit the people who will join your team

  • Motivate your leaders to reach further than they thought possible
  • Build a culture on your team that people won’t want to leave
  • Maximize technology to reach and build a fully engaged team
  • Clearly define what you want out of life and build a plan to get to it
  • Use strategies to maximize your compensation plan to reach your goals

This workshop has 3 primary goals:

1.     Deliver Practical Value – Not Hype

2.     Provide Step-By-Step How To Formulas – Not “Part of the Answer”

3.     Connect You with Top Performers Who Are Working Their Business Everyday

This is an “ACTION BASED /GO AND DO IT” Workshop.

Meet The Momentum Makers Faculty:

Let’s tee up 2022 to be THE BEST YEAR EVER!  Join me and my friends and let us help you change your life!