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REAL, SIMPLE SOLUTIONS that will Drive the SUCESS of Your Business from TOP EARNING MOMENTUM MAKERS  in the Industry Who Are Building Their Business RIGHT NOW!


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Are you tired of going to conferences where you leave feeling great about yourself but you really didn't accomplish very much?  Your company will not tell you everything you need to know. Their goal is to keep you connected to them.  That means they generally make you feel good; but, they don't tell you what you need to do to BUILD A 7 FIGURE INCOME.  Why not?  It's money out of their pockets....they'll teach you to focus on product, product and more product.

It's time for change!

People always ask me how I did it. How did I make it past earning $500 per month, how did I get past making $5000 per month, how did I get to making HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS PER MONTH?!

The real secret to making "BEACH MONEY", money that CHANGES YOUR LIFE and the next generation, is MOMENTUM.  Without it, your business will only do what it's always done - get by.  

Network marketing is built on the principle of momentum. Residual checks build because the business keeps building.  I'm bringing together 12 of my friends who have done what I've done and are ready to teach you to be a Momentum Maker too!
Everything Starts with a Dream BUT Strategy, Plans & Momentum Deliver Them
Real Success Comes When Your Downline Builds Your Future - Unlock the Momentum of Residual Income
Every Relationship Builds the Momentum of Your Future - Build Them to Last

Here Are Just A Few Of Our Topics

Jordan Adler

Get Ready To Change Your Life!

Celeste DiDona

Dreaming Bigger & Inspring the BIG Dreams of Your Team: Learn How to Stop Being Your Own Limitation

Amy Hicks

ALIGNED ACTON: Tap In Before You Tap Out

Kelly Bryant

Identifying the Obstacles that Keep You From Your Dreams & How to Overcome Them

Danny Licciardi

How to Stop Using People to Build Your Business and Start Using Your Business to Build People

Damian & Jenna Fante

Don't Let Your Business Die on Auto-Pilot: Growth ONLY Happens When You Invest In Your Business. Avoid the Silent Killer - Comfort

Danelle Meoli

Built to Last: Building the 3 Pillars to Create a 7 Figure Income in Network Marketing

Chris Atkinson

Yes you can-You're just looking in the wrong place!
Identifying the Obstacles that Keep Your From Your Dreams & How to Overcome Them
Jordan Adler
Jordan is one of the top 50 Industry producers in network marketing history. He wasn't an overnight success but after cracking the code he went on to earn tens of millions of dollars. He is best known for being the author of Amazon Best Seller, "Beach Money" as well as publishing his second boo, "Better Than Beach Money." His secret weapon is taking the complex and making it simple to understand and simple to do. He has spoken on stage with the likes of Richard Branson, Pitbull, Tony Robbins, Eric Worre, Robert Kiyosaki and others. He recently acquired his helicopter pilot's license for fun!
Tony Ferraro
Tony is a proven author, executive and team coach and business strategist.  He believes that "Everything Starts With h A Dream" and can help you build yours.  He has spoken on stages all over the world.  Has personally been a part of over $70 million in small business transactions.  He has helped launch scores of start ups both in and out of network marketing.  He has worked with internationally recognized leaders and speakers including Jordan Adler, Ruth Graham, iHeart Radio, Walmart, Miller Beer and others.

Michael Bernoff

Michael is the President and Founder of the Human Communications Institute, a leader in the personal and professional development industry. He works directly with individuals as well as corporate executives who desire to transform their corporate culture in an ever changing marketplace. His passion for his work is limitless and his dedication to positively impacting the world by empowering every individual is uncompromising.

Danelle Meoli

Danelle Meoli is a faith-filled, multi-7 figure earning accomplished Entrepreneur, Personal Development Mentor, passionate motivational speaker and most recently, published author. She is a top earner globally in the Direct Sales Industry with a team of nearly 500,000 across 9 countries. She is an inductee into the 2020 GoPro Million Dollar Hall of Fame and 2021 Million Dollar Circle within the company she represents. She hosts her own podcast, Rewired To Win which is devoted to helping people rewire their thought life so they can begin to win in life at levels they never thought possible. Her podcast officially launches July 2022. Danelle has spoken all over the world on mastering one’s mindset to attract in success in every area of ones life.

Celeste DiDona

Celeste is a mom of 3 teens. Two handsome boys and a beautiful girl in the middle. She
has been with her husband, Steven for 31 years and for the last 26 years has worked
full time as a public school teacher. 
7 1/2 years ago she was introduced to products that helped her feel better than ever in
her early 40’s and has been building a network marketing business ever since. What
started as a love for products quickly turned into an obsession with all things Network
marketing and her company’s mission to free people from physical and financial pain. 
Now Celeste is driven more than ever to help others see what’s possible and share the
importance of building a leveraged financial asset.

Chris Atkinson

Being unable to get a job due to a wild background is how and why Network Marketing was introduced to me. Failure after failure finally led me to success, but not because of a certain company rather a certain mentor.
Over the past 20 years I have gone from absolute poverty, to earning over 14 Million and now took the leap of faith to owning our own business. Life can be good once you learn to give it the proper effort.

Alicia Pesina

Alicia is a self-motivated network marketing professional who's built a 7-figure income and the life of her dreams using savvy networking skills and by building lasting relationships. She has a true art of connecting people and wants to show you that "if this b*tch can do it, so can you!"

Amy Hicks

Amy Hicks is multifaceted millionaire in the making. She and her family are currently traveling the US, as digital nomads, experiencing all that life has to offer and making an impact everywhere they go. Amy is literally blazing a new trail in the network marketing industry. She is leading with her mission-based marketing and cultivating a community with her magnetizing personal brand. Amy is a leader of leaders. She will guide you to an inner knowing, empower you to unleash your unique gifts and build a sustainable business that you’re obsessed with. She is a pure example of living life on your terms and becoming the “youest” you that you can be. 

Danny Licciardi

Danny has been a leader in the industry for over 25 years, achieving top levels at with many companies that include Mona Vie and Hop Rocket 

In 2007 he partnered with one of the fastest growing companies in network marketing history, Monavie. In less then 6 months Danny advanced to the level of Blue Diamond positioning himself in the top 1% of income earners for the company and top 10% industry wide.

His business had over 90,000 distributors both in the USA and in more then 15 countries globally. During this time he was heavily involved in the various international markets with the opening and launching of new countries. 

He has spent a lot of time traveling throughout Asia building and mentoring his teams. 

"I am willing to support anyone that decides they are ready to change their lives, and help them achieve the success that they deserve." 

Damian & Jenna Fante

Armed with only their dreams, Damian and Jenna set about building an extraordinary life
together without a clue of how to do it. Ordinary was never an option, but how do two ordinary
people create the extraordinary? Through the simple model of network marketing, they have
been able to build an extraordinary business one person at a time. Simple? Yes. Easy? No. But
when has the easy path ever lead to the extraordinary?
Damian and Jenna love to love on people. They want to pour into people to help them
be better versions of themselves. They do everything they can to unlock the potential inside of
their team members and help them see the greatness they have within them. Together, they
work to be a light to many, including their children, as an example that they too can do
extraordinary things.
Identifying the Obstacles that Keep Your From Your Dreams & How to Overcome Them
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